Note that this is not a formal roadmap, more a priority list which evolves with time.


  • Improve support for URL rewriting in CSS files
  • Add support for assets merging
  • Add new processors for CSS/JS languages such as Less, CoffeeScript, ...
  • Improvements on asset bundles: externalization, configuration via XML, JavaConfig
  • JBoss Forge plugin allowing to scaffold a project based on Dandelion
  • Add support for CSS sprites
  • New asset cache implementation based on Hazelcast
  • Support for RequireJS
  • Bower integration
  • Current backlog


  • Add new extensions allowing to make tables editable
  • New theme for Foundation
  • Add support for more DataTables' plugins
  • Websocket support for continuously-updating table
  • Add support for Spring Data REST (server-side processing)
  • Current backlog

Ideas / new components

We've also planned to develop new components, such as:

  • Dandelion-Forms
  • Dandelion-Select2

If you have any suggestion or request, feel free to contact us!