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Extensible web framework making web development

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Dandelion is a free and Open Source Java framework aimed at making web development simpler in JVM-based environments.

It helps to manipulate the web assets (JS, CSS) in many ways: good organization and classical optimizations like minification, merging, compression or caching. It also facilitates the integration of powerful JavaScript libraries thanks to a set of extensible components.

  Assets organization

Dandelion proposes to organize your web assets into bundles that can be joined together into a graph. You can then interact with this graph in multiple ways...

  Assets optimization

Apply the best practices of web development without (great) effort! Web assets can be minified and optimally injected into web pages thereby improving load times. Support for asset merging will be added soon.

  Multiple locations

Assets can be collected from multiple locations before using them: webapp, classpath, CDNs, JARs or WebJars. Dandelion also support dynamically generated assets!

  Template engine integration

Dandelion and its components all provide a JSP taglib. And if you're cool people who use cool technologies, we also provide support for Thymeleaf!

  Ready-to-use components

The most advanced component is Dandelion-Datatables which allows you to create awesome HTML tables using DataTables. Other components are also incubating...

  Easily extensible

Dandelion is being developed while keeping in mind high extensibility and the ease of use. That's why almost all features contains extension points, for an easier integration in your own projects.

Latest news

  • Dandelion 0.10.1 Release

    I'm happy to announce the release of Dandelion v0.10.1. Even if it's mainly a bugfixing version, this release stabilizes the...

  • Dandelion 0.10.0 Release

    After several months of hibernation, I'm happy to announce the... Release of Dandelion v0.10.0! Past and present Until this release,...

  • Dandelion Datatables 0.9.3 Release

    Dandelion-Datatables v0.9.3 has been released! The main thing in this release is the support for Thymeleaf 2.1.x. You can now...

  • Dandelion Datatables 0.9.2 Release

    Dandelion-Datatables v0.9.2 has been released in Maven Central! This is mainly a bugfixing version. You can see the full changelog...