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Migrating from Dandelion-Datatables 0.10.x to 1.x

Below are listed the major changes brought by the latest version. Read the full changelog here.

New requirements

Requirements have evolved. Starting from Dandelion-Datatables v1.0.0, the Servlet API 3.x is required.
Therefore you must ensure to deploy your applications in a Servlet 3.x compatible container such as Jetty 8.x, Tomcat 7.x, JBoss AS 6, Weblogic Server 12c, …​
Also ensure to configure the application with the Servlet 3.0 minimum in your web.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

Standalone mode

Starting from Dandelion-Datatables v1.0.0, if you wish use the component standalone, you have to declare it in the Dandelion-Core configuration file: dandelion/

components.standalone = ddl-dt (1)
1 ddl-dt is the component identifier of Dandelion-Datatables

Now the standalone mode doesn’t load any vendor bundle into the bundle storage.

JSP taglib

  • The <datatables:prop> tag has been renamed to <datatables:option> tag.

The following column attributes have been removed:

  • name

  • filterCssClass

  • filterMinLength

  • filterDateFormat


When you mark a column as filterable, only select and input are available for the filterType (JSP) / dt:filterType (Thymeleaf) attribute