Changelog of Dandelion-Datatables v1.0.0


  • Refactored the extension mechanism with the Service Provider Interface, thus improving performance

  • All extensions can now be extended by providing the right implementation + META-INF/services file

  • New DatatablesCriteria.isFiltered() method allowing to determine programmatically if a column is being filtered

  • Brand new debug menu (composed of debug pages) added to the recently added debugger

  • The global.feature.processing is now enabled by default

  • Upgraded supported DataTables' version to v1.10.7

  • Added stateSave, stateLoad, stateSaveParams, stateLoadParams and stateLoaded callback functionality

  • New JAR location added to all vendor bundles, allowing to fetch all assets from local instead of going out on Internet

  • Lots of vendor libraries upgrades

  • Removed TableCloth dependencies and the corresponding theme option when using Bootstrap themes

  • Added support for new callbacks: statesave, statesaveparams, stateload, stateloadparams and stateloaded


  • Fixed issue with export when using HTTP POST method

  • Iterate over columns for autosizing only if autosize is enabled in configuration

  • The dom option now takes into account the jQueryUI theme


  • Removed the four_button paging type, since the new built-in paging type are now supported: simple, simple_numbers, full, full_numbers

  • Renamed bootstrap to bootstrap_simple

  • Renamed bootstrap_four_button to bootstrap_full, to comply with the built-in paging options

  • Modified all paging-related bundles so that a version is now "fixed", preventing the auto-versioning to compute work on these assets

  • Renamed feature.paginationType option to feature.pagingType


  • Old filtering feature replaced by the awesome YADCF plugin

  • Removed ddl-dt-multifilter bundle and assets since it is fully integrated in yadcf

  • Updated the YadcfConfigGenerator so that it can handle filters which are externally triggered


  • The Responsive plugin now based on the official responsive extension, not on Datatables-responsive any longer

JSP implementation

  • Fixed issue with AJAX-sourced data, an empty <body> was generated (only with the JSP taglib) when using an AJAX source

  • Renamed the insert attribute of the <datatables:extraJs> tag to placeholder

  • Renamed paginationType table attribute to pagingType

Thymeleaf implementation

  • New parser used allowing to use any Thymeleaf expression in the dialect attributes

  • Upgraded Thymeleaf to 2.1.4.RELEASE

  • Renamed dt:insert attribute to dt:placeholder

  • Renamed dt:paginationType table attribute to dt:pagingType

Closed issues

  • #282: sortInit not working when columns with display xls

  • #278: Allow vendor bundles to work in a standalone environment

  • #268: Unable to load use different sort types in the same table

  • #267: export attribut of jsp tag "tables" breaks theme

  • #264: Implement ColumnDef.isFiltered()

  • #261: Make possible to extend already existing extensions

  • #258: StandardConfigurationLoader non string values bug

  • #254: Generalize the use of the service provider mechanism

  • #241: Support for data tables 1.10

  • #48: Remove HTML tags when filtering columns with body