Changelog of Dandelion-Core v0.10.0


  • Lots of internal features are now based on the Service Provider Interface API: processors, asset locators, bundle loaders and caching in order to provide plenty of extension points

  • The asset rendering is now based on a servlet filter: DandelionFilter, which optimally injects <script> and <link> tags into the page

  • The old DatatablesController (used to serve generated assets of the Dandelion-Datatables component) has been repatriated to Dandelion core, renamed to DandelionServlet and is now used to serve all kinds of generated assets

  • Dropped Servlet 3.x annotations usage in favour of plain old XML

  • Asset bundle are no longer based on a tree but on a DAG. The old parent properties of bundles has been replaced by the dependencies attribute

  • New utilities related to assets and bundles:

    • Ability to exclude assets by type

    • The asset position can be forced using a new JSON parameter (dom)

    • Ability to activate bundles permanently (e.g. handy for global CSS files)

    • The URL of generated asset is now built with a SHA1 key instead of the old parameters previously used in Dandelion-Datatables

  • All bundle loaders are now mutually exclusives in order to be able to disable one or more loaders (useful for Dandelion integration in legacy apps)

  • Bundle and asset names are not case sensitive any longer

  • Fixed issue with protocol-relative URLs used as locations (aka //cdn)

  • Added a new CdnLocator used to rewrite URLs in CSS files. Automatically activated when minification is enabled

  • Improved the dandelion-webjars

  • New asset processors available for JS and CSS compression (based on YUICompressor)

  • Lots of new configuration properties

  • All configuration properties can now be loaded using different strategies

  • Development mode refactored to avoid re-initializing the bundle graph at each request thus drastically improving performance

  • Added a bundle graph viewer, allowing to visualize how Dandelion deals with your current request

  • Added support for manual bundle reloading

  • New caching policy applied when using the production mode

JSP implementation

  • The JSP taglib has been fully refactored

Thymeleaf implementation

Ehcache extra

  • A new dandelion-ehcache module has been added, allowing to plug an Ehcache-based cache in the Dandelion cache system

Webjars extra

  • The Webjars extra now provides two different locators, automatically picked up depending on the version of the Servlet API supported by the server

Closed issues

  • #7: Provide multiple configuration points for the

  • #2: Content assist for the Dandelion dialect (Eclipse)