Dandelion Datatables 0.9.0 Release

Release  Thibault Duchateau 2013-09-03

Dandelion-Datatables v0.9.0 has been released!

Since the beginning of the project, this is clearly the biggest release ever published. Beside, even if it looks more like a major version, we prefer to keep the 1.x.y version number for the first stable version.

Some works about this release...

Overview of the new features

Support for Java-based i18n

Dandelion-Datatables has now full support for internationalization of column titles and surrounding information, based on the ResourceBundle mechanism.

And since Dandelion will probably be used in an application where content is already internationalized using a specific framework, some ready-to-use adapters are provided for Spring and the JSP Standard Tag Library.

You can see more details here...

Support for global table configuration and configuration groups

This new feature allows you:

  • to join together in one properties file a configuration which will be applied on all tables in the application
  • to put together table configurations inside multiple groups that can be then activated locally using tag attributes

See more details here...

Fully customizable export

Exports have been refactored in order to allow export with all kind of data sources (DOM and AJAX). You can now fully customize what will appear in exported files. See more details here...

Write your own extensions!

A great extension point has been added, allowing you to write and activate your own extensions! See more details here...

See more...

There are much more new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Feel free to see the full changelog.

Some words about testing...

Integration tests of Dandelion-Datatables are currently based, amongst others, on Selenium and Ghost Driver, which are both amazing projects.

Unfortunately, we're experiencing a very annoying Ghost Driver issue for several months which affects the releasing process in the way that integration tests randomly fail, thus breaking either the release:prepare or the release:perform Maven goals. Grrrr... That's why there are so much ugly tags in the corresponding SCM.

As a consequence, in order to release within enhanced conditions we finally took the decision to temporarily disable all the integration tests for this release. You have to trust us, all tests are green! :-)

We'll probably update the integration tests in the next release and switch back to a more stable web driver.

New contributions

This new release ships some great contributions, for example:

  • Support for horizontal scrolling
  • Support for EL expressions in all attributes of the JSP taglib
  • Support for nested JSP tags
  • ...

Many thanks to the new contributors!

Demo applications

Demo apps needed a huge refreshment. It is done! As usual, if you encounter any issue with one of the examples, feel free to raise an issue or directly make pull requests!


In short, the whole site has been refactored. :-)

At the level of contents...

... as well as form:

  • new home page
  • more streamlined design

Moreover, we changed the way the site was generated. It is now based on Jekyll and some Git-based deployment steps (thanks to Randy Morris for the tip!).

All these above changes should simplify the maintenance of the site, at least we hope!

As a conclusion...

Hope you like it! :-)

And as usual, your thoughts and feedback are very welcome!

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