Some Interesting Statistics

News  Thibault Duchateau 2013-04-18

I recently looked at download the stats in Maven Central and … was pleasantly surprised! So I decided to make a quick review of the first seven months, since the beginning of the project (previously called DataTables4j).

Here are some figures:

Here are some download stats:

Interesting figures! We call already draw some conclusions : * the JSP template engine is still far ahead of Thymeleaf, which yet deserves to be known * it seems you still massively use the 2.x Servlet API

We find all these statistics pretty amazing, especially because 99% of the project is coded on our free time (yes, we sometimes answer questions during work hours…), in the evenings and on weekends. To be honest, we weren’t expecting such results!

Well, the conclusion is pretty simple :

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