News  Thibault Duchateau 2013-02-16

Hi all!

Along with the DataTables4j development, Romain and I have been working on a new project for several weeks. Its name? Dandelion!

A brand new doc site is coming, with lots of explanations, but to be succinct, here are the main guidelines of Dandelion :

  • Simplications in web assets management (js, css, …), you’ll see how a bit later
  • Rich and easily expandable component library for easier web development

You may ask yourself what kind of component?

Well, the first one will be, guess what, Dandelion-datatables! :-)

The goal is indeed to provide multiples components, that you will be able to use in your webapp, still with JSP and Thymeleaf support.

So, DataTables4j will become the first Dandelion web component!

More technically speaking now.

To avoid complicated and cumbersome migration from DataTables4j to Dandelion-datatables, we decided to switch to Dandelion relatively early, that’s why we’re going to operate the change in the v0.8.4.

Basically, the main changes consist in simple renaming but a migration guide will still be prepared.

DataTables4j development, enhancements and bug fixes will be moved to Dandelion-datatables.

Current DataTables4j source repositories, issues, documentation, forum and demos will remain available, except we’ll add some (discrete) announcements to invite you to switch to Dandelion. ;-)

Current support, through this forum, won’t be stopped but all the questions/bugs that need code update will be done in the new Github repo (Dandelion-datatables).

Finally, all current opened issues have already been copied to the new issues repo.

We’ll keep you updated!


Romain and Thibault

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